Lerwick Financial Group Ltd

The Directors of Lerwick Financial Group Ltd have over 35 years of expertise specialising in bridging loans, business loans and development loans.

Mr. S.E. came to Lerwick needing urgent bridging loan facilities to complete conversion work to a property. His own bank had been taking too long and speed was of the essence. Lerwick we able to arrange the facility he needed quickly and he was able to complete the conversion work in the time frame required.
Mr. S.E.
Mr. A.C. came to Lerwick seeking a development loan for building flats in Swansea. He had experience in property development in Ireland but not in Mainland UK. Lerwick was able to take a more relaxed view than the high street banks and was able to arrange the facility needed for the development quickly.
Mr. A.C.
South Wales
Mr. T.S. came to Lerwick a troubled man. He had a problem with selling off some plots of his land and was struggling to resolve difficulties with his existing lender who were being very uncooperative. Lerwick was able to arrange a facility that repaid his existing lender and gave him the flexibility he needed to sell off the parcels of land as and when the opportunity arose.
Mr. T.S.
Mr. P.C. came to Lerwick as he was experiencing problems with his bank with a proposed facility on a shop premises. There was an slight issue with the lease that the bank took issue with. Lerwick was able to take a more relaxed, sensible approach to the situation and arrange the necessary facility, which in turn provided funds for the lease issue to be rectified so everyone was happy.
Mr. P.C.
Mrs Y.P. needed an urgent bridging loan to complete a purchase of a Buy To Let portfolio which missives had already been concluded on but had gone past it’s completion date. Lerwick was able to speedily arrange a facility geared to valuation as opposed to purchase price and the completion was able to take place.
Mrs. Y.P.